Left?ver Crack

Leftöver Crack

Days N' Daze, Cop/Out, Videodome

Ages 21+

Leftöver Crack

Political Ska-Punk band hailing from New York City, emerging from the breakup of Choking Victim circa 2000.


Stza (Scott Sturgeon) - Vocals

Alec Baillie - Bass

Brad Logan - Guitar, Vocals

Donnie Morris - Drums

Former Members:

Amery Smith

Brandon Chevalier-Kolling

Ezra Kire

Ara Babajian

Chris Mann

Days N' Daze

D.I.Y. Riot Folk band based in Houston, Texas.

Formed in 2008 by Whitney Flynn (Vocals/Trumpet) and Jesse Sendejas (Vocals/Guitar).


Noise rock/post-hardcore from New Haven, CT. Feat. ex-members of Heavy Breath and Warm. We bring the dirt.

Venue Information:
Space Ballroom.
295 Treadwell Street
Hamden, CT, 06514